We now offer state-of-the-art

Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging!

In keeping with our efforts to bring you the best veterinary medicine has to 
offer, we now have Ultrasonic Imaging. Contrary to a common practice of 
buying the equipment and then practicing the "trial and error" method 
of learning, we at Blue Mountain invested in our Veterinarians first. 
Dr. Nicole Wagnon went to Orlando for a week long immersion
 training under the tutelage of Dr. Cliff "Kip" Berry, a Board Certified
 VeterinaryRadiologist. She came back with an amazing amount of
 knowledge and know-how and Dr. Berry's  recommendations for 
an Ultrasound Unit suited specifically for our needs. Dr. Liz Oien was
 next, flying to Kansas City to attend a course taught by
 the same Boarded Radiologist, Dr. Berry. Blue Mountain
 then purchased the recommended unit that both of our 
now trained Veterinarians know how to use. We are ready to 
treat the needs of our patients, with the back-up of one of 
the best radiologists in the field!! Your pet can now receive
 the kind of treatment that was, just a short time ago, 
only available "across the pond". Make your appointment
 here; your pet will thank you! 
Customers may now Request Appointments and Prescription Refills
ON-LINE, 24 hours a day!!! 
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As a courtesy to our clients, we offer early morning and evening hours for routine appointments.