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Those of us that have pets in our lives know that sometimes things go wrong. When that happens, we need help!

First, remain calm! Take a deep breath and get your pet to a safe place. Remember: pets can and will bite if they are in pain! If it is between 8 am and 5 pm, CALL US*! 360-457-3842

As your primary veterinarian, we want to provide you the best care possible. That means staying sharp and taking care of ourselves. After-hours emergencies do not allow our doctors and staff proper sleep, good eating habits, and time for mental health self-care.

The Olympic Peninsula does not have a 24-hour facility, which means if your pet needs hospitalization, you will be referred to a 24-hour care facility off of the Peninsula.

We have an excellent relationship with two ER hospitals: Animal Emergency and Trauma Center, and Summit Veterinary Referral Center. They are ready with doctors and staff who are on a scheduled shift with equipment and supplies at the ready to care for your pet.

*If you call after business hours you will be connected with our triage service, GuardianVets! This service will help you determine the severity if your pet’s emergency and the best course of action.